• Design

Evacuation Diagrams

Evacuation Diagrams are an essential part of your Emergency Plan for your workplace. As outlined in AS3745-2010, “Evacuation Diagrams shall be displayed in all facilities, in locations where occupants and visitors are able to view the diagrams”.

Fire Marshall’s Evacuation Diagrams are unique to each site and can be designed to include specific information if requested. Our service includes a site visit and consultation, design and draft up review, and a return visit for installation. Diagrams are A3 in size and laminated, but we also offer a framed option as well.

Block Plans

A Block plan is provided at each booster location to ensure that fire fighters using the booster assembly are aware of the system in terms of its designed capacity, extent and configuration. This information together with other notices of test and working pressures should provide firefighters with sufficient detail to safely boost the system.

Information of test and working pressures are obtained from a hydrostatic/flow report and are required either 5 or 6 yearly. Please see our maintenance section for more information.

Fire Indicator Panel Plans

A Fire Indicator Panel (FIP), automatically sends a signal to the fire services (the MFB or CFA), when a fire alarm connected to the FIP is activated. AS1670.1 -2004 requires a FIP plan to be displayed adjacent to the panel showing the system design, location of FIP, area zones and other emergency information. The building’s electrical drawings and FIP installation details are required to complete a FIP plan.