• Maintenance

The intention of ongoing maintenance is to ensure that every Essential Safety Measure continues to perform at the same level that existed at the time of commissioning and issue of occupancy permit. We can satisfy your essential safety measures requirements, arrange servicing schedules and provide certificates of occupancy, and compliance. All of our service work follows Australian Standards and Building Code of Australia guidelines. Below is a general guide of the essential safety measures services we offer, however you should always refer to your Occupancy Permit for specific requirements, or call our office for more information.

Portable fire equipment – Fire extinguishers, fire blankets   Service frequency: Bi Annually

  • Our service ensures that all equipment is in proper working order.
  • We inspect, check and test for any defects that may compromise how the equipment performs.
  • Defective equipment is either repaired or replaced on the spot, or taken back to our factory for further testing and repair. Examples of non-compliant defects include out of date equipment, dints in extinguisher cylinders, over-pressurised or under-pressured extinguishers, broken housing, or missing components.

Hydrants, Hose reels & Booster system   Service frequency: Bi Annually, 5 yearly or 6 yearly

  • Our service ensures that all hydrant & hose reels are in working order, and provide a sufficient flow rate.
  • We ensure that there is a presence of water at each outlet and take pressure readings to make sure there are no obstructions in the lines.
  • Our fire trucks and experienced staff perform 5 o 6 yearly hydrostatic tests to make sure that the system can be safely boosted to a level of pressure high enough for fire fighting purposes.

Exit & Emergency lighting   Service frequency: Bi Annually

  • Our service ensures that all exit and emergency lights are in proper working order and pass the battery discharge test.
  • We perform battery discharge tests to check if the exit/emergency light batteries can sustain their 90 minutes of charge which is critical during a power outage or fire. If they do not pass, the emergency lighting system is deemed non-compliant.
  • Defective issues are often rectified on the spot or we will offer a quote if more involved work is required.
  • Our on staff electricans can supply and install new lights, repair faulty units and provide electrical certificates to ensure compliance.

Exit doors and Path of Travel   Service frequency: Quarterly

  • Our service ensures that all exit, fire and safety doors are in proper working order and that all exit routes have adequate clearances.
  • We check for correct pathway widths and exit route clearances, non-obstructing doorways, compliant door handles and hardware.
  • Fire Marshall can advise on compliant types of door handles that are secure against intruders, along with various signage you made need to meet your essential safety measures requirements.

Smoke Alarms  Service frequency: As per manufacturer’s specifications

  • Smoke detectors are checked to make sure they are in proper working order and have their battery replaced annually.
  • We test and clean smoke alarms, replace the battery, and replace the entire unit if needed.
  • We service both battery-operated and hard-wired units and can install additional smoke alarms if requested.

Ansul Systems   Service frequency: Bi Annually & 5 Yearly (and as per Ansul Specifications)

  • Fire Marshall have specialised technicians who are trained and certified to service Ansul Kitchen suppression systems.
  • Our 24 hour emergency number guarantees that a technician will be on site if an Ansul system has been activated and immediate assistance is required.

In addition to regular maintenance work, our technicians can modify and adapt existing pipework, to suit kitchen refits.