• Training

Fire Marshall offer various fire training courses to assist with your work place Occupancy, Health and Safety needs. If you would like to book in a session, or speak to one of our consultants, please call our office on (03) 9775 0913.

Course – Extinguisher Training

Topics covered at these sessions include:

  • Standard Fire Orders.
  • Explanation of each extinguisher including; contents, operating times, distance of throw and colour coding.
  • Safe and correct operating procedures.
  • Types of fires each may be safely used on.
  • Correct and safe firefighting procedures.
  • Safe and correct use of a fire blanket.
  • Maintenance of installed Fire Equipment.

All participants then have practical use of extinguishers in a live fire situation.

This training enables compliance with Section 3.1 (e), and various sections of AS3745-2002.

All equipment is supplied by Fire Marshall and training is conducted on site at your premises.

Recommended maximum 20 personnel to attend the session.

Session duration approximately 1.5 Hours.

Course - Warden and Evacuation Training

Topics covered at this theory and practical session include:

  • Importance of an Emergency Plan and staff roles in an emergency.
  • Operate within an Emergency Control Organisation.
  • Duties of Wardens including, Vests, Helmets, Colours.
  • Standard Fire Orders and Emergency Evacuation Procedures.
  • Site Inspection – shape, size, specific hazards, warning, path of travel, assembly areas.
  • Consequences for evacuation and priorities for removal of occupants.
  • Evacuation and Post-evacuation activities including head count
  • Human behaviour in emergencies.
  • Initiating emergency alarms and emergency response.
  • Explanation of fire extinguishers, including identification and correct operation of all installed fire / life safety equipment.
  • Correct and safe fire fighting procedures
  • Dangers of radiant heat and smoke.
  • Fire prevention and good housekeeping practices.
  • Communication and notification procedures – including automatic or manual fire alarm.
  • Visitor policy.
  • Responsibilities of fire, police, ambulance, SES.
  • Evacuation points.

This training complies with Sections 2, 3, 4 and Appendix B of AS3745 in relation to training, responses and procedures for Fire/Smoke emergencies and enables compliance with section 3.5 in relation to Evacuation exercises.  It also assists with your duties as an employer under Part III, Section 21(2)e, of the OH&S Act, with regard to Fire and Emergency Procedures.

Duration of session 1 – 1.5 hours. Recommended Maximum attendance 20 personnel per session.